Portrait Artist based in Yorkshire.

My artwork has evolved over the years from being a hobby, attempting to sell paintings of weavers’ cottages at local art and craft shows, to becoming a serious passion for portrait painting. Having become bored with painting a few too many bricks, I decided that it was time for something different.

Along came Christmas and an opportunity to get some pastel pencils as a ‘surprise’ present. My daughter came up trumps and with help from Youtube, I have found that I can express myself and capture the individual characteristics of pets and people.

My aim is to paint a portrait which looks realistic, yet still has that painterly feel to it, I want people to feel the passion in the painting.

My artwork acts as a strange sort of time travel – many a time I will aim to do half an hour and before I know it, two or more have passed. I get totally zoned out in a world of my own, so much so that cups of tea go cold – usually an alien concept in my world!

Following a brush with cancer in my younger days, I am now, a passionate supporter of The Laura Crane Youth Cancer Trust, donating some of the profit from my paintings to help raise funds for this extremely worthwhile cause (www.lauracranetrust.org).

As a member of Huddersfield Art Society, I exhibited at the 2016 Annual Art Show and was awarded a certificate and prize for ‘Best Picture By A First-Time Exhibitor’ for a portrait of my father titled ‘Terence Edward Proud’, who sadly passed away in 2015. My dad saw the painting and was extremely proud of it.

My artwork can also be viewed at my Facebook page NigelsPastelPortraits